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TRIGOO´S photovoltaic solutions

Our solar modules are recognizable by their advanced technology, high quality and efficiency. For our end-users we provide added values in terms of reliability and durability of the PV system, offsetting electricity costs, while reducing the dependence on other fossil energy carriers with clean and safe energy. We provide a comprehensive suite of PV solutions to optimize a wide range of project applications.

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Trigoo Solar Modules

7 reasons why our modules are one of the greatest modules ever made

A TRIGOO solar module is the result of over 30 years of solar module development of the founder and mastermind Ing. Rene Battistutti. Each TRIGOO model offers latest innovations inside from powerful and highest efficient solar cells to its unmistakable designs and performance.

Top conversion efficiencies

Up to 23,6% module efficiencies and up to 20 percent more energy yield through the leading module and cell technologies – even in low-light conditions.

Top lifeycle quality

The core of TRIGOO´s philosophy is to ensure the highest quality, reliability and performance for our customers over decades.

Top stability

Uniform smart soldering processes with multiple contacting points increases the power and efficiency of the solar module and improves the power load capacity in strong wind and heavy snow areas.

Top quality with 30 years of experience

The vertically integrated production of wafers, cells and solar modules undergoes a strict quality control according to the worldwide highest standards

Top design

Perfect harmonic design for all applications

Smart Module Packaging and Logistics

Smart and environmental friendly module packaging is used to achieve high reliability, low-cost transportation and optimized logistics

Bifacial Energy Yield

All our modules are produced with bifacial solar cells and generate additional power from the backside to increase the overall energy yield

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With 30+ years in the PV industry, we build upon our expertise to deliver high-performing, long-lasting and reliable products and systems that underscore our commitment in providing a green environment.

Impress your customers with high performance solar modules.

Work with us

As our partner, you can benefit from our high-performance products and cooperation with us in customer acquisition, service and consulting. The installation of our photovoltaic modules builds trust with your customers, saves electricity costs and achieves the best long-term return on investment. By working with us, you are investing in a profitable and clean future for your company and your customers.